S.Rosa - Jonkert

The Dutch sailing ship, launched in the historic Jonkert shipyards, is a comfortable 20-meter vessel with two masts, entirely finished in wood.

This “Old Lady of the Sea” was fully restored in 2022 and can accommodate twelve (12) passengers in addition to crew.

Born as a sailboat, it still offers the possibility of being able to travel with motor propulsion, but the wind permitting it will be possible to unfurl the sails and admire her in all her elegance.

The boat, equipped with large outdoor spaces, will give you the opportunity to bask in the sun on the large sundeck equipped with comfortable mattresses in the bow, so you can comfortably admire, during your excursion, the enchanting sceneries that characterize this corner of paradise. On the helm station, the boat is equipped with a large sofa that allows all her guests to be able to sit comfortably at the snack table. The large deck ends with a large aft seat for those who don't want to sunbathe forward. The Santa Rosa is a comfortable and spacious boat, and has all the potential to pamper its guests, equipped with three cabins, two bathrooms and a spacious lounge, it will provide a cabin to give the opportunity to enjoy a possible afternoon nap pampered by the waves. The toilets available to our guests are sanitized before embarking and upon disembarking according to current regulations.

Fotografie degli interni dell'imbarcazione

Fotografie dell'esterno dell'imbarcazione